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I was under the impression Nusach Ha-Arizal was the precursor to Nusach Sefard. Nusach Sefard being an umbrella term for the various Chassidic Nusach.


This says that gebrochts was a private neder. "He did not eat gebrochts but allowed his family to do so. Because of this, his meals were prepared in special keilim separate from the rest of the family’s keilim. In his old age, when it was hard for him to eat matzoh unless it was soaked in water, he was matir neder and ate gebrochts as well. ...


The Steipler kept his chassidish tefillin but bought Rav Chaim Ashkenaz Tefillin, although the steiplers father was a hornsteipler (chernoybl) chossid, the steipler learnt in navordok, a litvishe yehsiva and married THE litvish'e gadols sister (Chazon Ish's sister). I am pretty sure he continued to wear a gartel (but then again so did the chazon ish, it ...

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