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Nusach ashkenaz in artscroll is slightly misleading. 'Nusach ashkenaz' implies the german nusach when really it's minhag polin/lita. So the ashkenaz of artscroll is according to the litvish custom. If you find a siddur that's published in germany or hungary and says "nusach ashkenaz" it will be slightly different


The Aruch HaShulchan O.C. 207:2 defends and prefers the Mishna Brurah's nusach. The argument for the Mem is that in several places in the Torah we find Nefesh followed by a masculine verb, because when referring to the whole person, of which the Nefesh is a part, then the masculine should be used. Only when refering to the Nefesh distinctly as the part of a ...

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