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Yes. It's in תפלת כל פה, and ArtScroll's, and Mesores's סידור וילנא, all of which claim to be Ashkenaz. It's also in Metsudah's סידור מצודת אברהם השלם, which doesn't claim to be any particular nusach, but which is widely understood to be Ashkenaz.


You can always retie the knots but the result won't be the same as Nusach Ashkenaz tefilin. Many years ago I purchased Nusach Ari tefilin, after being told that ktav Ari was accepted by both Ashkenazim (Litaim) and Hassidim. Once I learned hilchot tfilin in more depth I discovered that there were other important differences between Ari and Ashkenazi ...

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