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Apparently this is one of the times that nusach sfard is correct in keeping the original minhag. The Ramma 581 siff one says to blow shofar in the erev. The Mishna Berurah when tagging on the minhag to say lidovid mentions that erev is after mincha. The Chayei Adam and Aruch Hashulchan say the same. The Igros Moshe in O'ch part 4 siman 21 ois 5 explains the ...


You find this a lot in older Sefarim. Usually you can find these in the margin closest to the binding - often hidden in the binding. It seems that this was how they differentiate between versions. Like between Pessach, Sukkoth and Shavuoth Machzorim, which use plenty common pages. In the case of the Machzor Rabba, they really used the same text for both ...

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