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I have been to many (Nusach Ashkenaz) siyums, and have never heard the person say "VaYitzmach..." The siyums that I have been to include by alumnus of YU, Chofetz Chayim, and Lakewood. All are predominantly Nusach Ashkenaz. I wonder if it is because you are in Eretz Yisrael where Nusach Sefarad is common that you have seen this written. The Koren Talmud ...


(I'm french) the siddur used by west european ashkenazi communities here in France is called Sha'arei Tefila. It is similar to the Rodelheim one with french annotations and few asaltian customs. It has been made by an alsatian rav called Rav Yoseph Bloch in 1924 and is still in use and regularly republished (last by Biblieurope ed. in 2013). The other french ...


The best Nusach Asheknaz siddur is AndDaven https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.saraandshmuel.anddaaven&hl=en Tfilon (mentioned above) is not proper Nusach Ashkenaz. For example Psukei D'Zimra has some definite Nusach Sefarad text. For example Yishtabach is not Nusash Ashkenaz.


Also, GGBH (Golders Green Beis Hamedrash, also known as Munks) say most piyutim from the polin version of the roedolheim yotzros. Hendon Asas Yisroel say the piyutim that are in Chazoras HaShatz but not in Birkas Kriyas Shma.

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