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I've used Tfilon for a few years and really like it. It passes your shalom rav test. It has options for ashkenaz, sepharad, and eidei hamizrach. It is also very flexible - you can add names for holim, select which day(s) you celebrate purim, etc. It also auto calculates the special things like shir shel yom, yaaleh v'yavo, and other day specific things. It ...


In Ashkenaz today [the situation was different in different communities in the past]: Me'ora - Before or chodosh. Ahava - different minhogim, either before v'keiravtanu or before l'hodos lecho. Maarivim Short piyut before end of first berocho, Same with second; long piyut before בגילה ברינה בשמחה רבה ואמרו כלם, short piyut before זה צור ישענו פצו פה ...

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