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The extant manuscripts do not have that addition (see here footnote 8) however, there are many variations on this saying. It is apparently very common to have that addition in Edut HaMizrachi Nusachos, in addition to Nusach Sfard and Nusach Ari. The Arizal ascribes a specific Kabbalistic meaning to the two parts.


There is a book called שער הכולל that aims to explain the choices made in that version of the siddur. The author notes the following in regard to the phrase ובין איש לאשתו (chapter 1, paragraph 19): במשנה שלפנינו לא נמצאו התיבת הללו אבל בסדר היום ובשער השמים משל״ה מביאים הלשון הזה גם בתד״א פי״ג לענין אהרן הכהן מביא זה הלשון בין אדם לחבירו ובין איש ...

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