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The question as asked is not factually true. However, if you start from the first Taf, ת, and count fifty letters, then it does work out. See:


This is factually untrue. You only need to get 50 letters into the first book of the Torah to discover the letter Lamed, ל, in Bereishit 1:2. Likewise in the book of Shemot, the 50th letter is a Shin, ש, in Shemot 1:2. The 50th, 100th and 150th letters of the book of Vayikra are א, then ר and מ respectively. Note that this answers the actual question, and ...


Derech Pikudecha (Bnei Yisoschor)- page 162 - paragraph starting with Gimel says that one has a limit on the amount of words in his lifetime and if he speaks too much is shortening his life. קיבלנו מרבותינו בפסוק: 'נפשי יצאה בדברו', שיש שיעור לאדם כמה ידבר כל ימי חייו, ואם ירבה לדבר שלא במקום מצווה, הנה ממעט החיות Sefer Darkei Tzedek - page 10 - #54 ...


I think those claims have originated from the Bible/Torah codes. They're debunked by mathematicians and computer scientists. You might want to see this for further details. And also here's an interview with a computer scientist, Brendan McKay, who has analyzed them. He basically explains there's nothing miraculous about the found patterns and that they can ...


As the 50th letter of B'reishit is a Lamed, ל, (which makes a 'L' sound) not a Taf, ת, {which makes a 'T' sound), I think that that can prove that this is not true.


This is a combination of the belief that prayer at the Western Wall is particularly effective and the belief that praying for 40 days is particularly effective. Sources For Prayer at Western Wall The Western Wall itself is not emphasized in older literature. In The Lord is Righteous in All His Ways, pp. 206-207, the Rav discusses the Western Wall and says ...

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