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Loewian already cited Talmud Brachot that explains the source for citing it 3 times daily. However this Beurei Hatefilah article cites several commentaries that state that it really should be cited once daily. I don't want to occupy space here pasting an excerpt, as it's tangential to the O.P.'s question. Pnei Yehoshua on Brachot 4b says: Rabbi Eleazar ...


The custom to recite Ashrei thrice daily seems to be based on the gemara in Berachoth 4b אמר רבי אלעזר א"ר אבינא: כל האומר "תהלה לדוד" בכל יום שלש פעמים מובטח לו שהוא בן העולם הבא R' Eleazar son of R' Abina said: Whoever recites "Tehilla l'David" three times daily may be assured that he is a person of the world to come... The only tefilloth ...


As we see below from the OU the reason is that we do not have chazaras HaShatz (repetition of the Shmona Esrai) as part of Ma'ariv. As a result, there is no kedusha in the prayer. Thanks to @Lee for stating that this is based on the Maharsha. Ashrei It is evident that the Sages intended to link Ashrei with the reciting of Kedusha, because Kedusha ...


There are 354 days in a "normal" Jewish Year and 18 days when we complete Hallel (in Israel) according to the Talmud. 354-18 = 336. Thus, 336 days in a normal year in which we don't say a full hallel.


Rabbi Benjamin Blech says as follows. The hero on Purim was Esther. פורים = 336 and 336 is also equal to לאשה as we are grateful to a woman for this miracle, Queen Esther.

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