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Per the Qetoret recipe laid out in Masekhet Keritot (6A), there are 210 maneh in the following combinations of samanim (spices): Tzori (70), Tzipporen (70), Helbenah (70) Tzori (70), Tzipporen (70), Levonah (70) Tzori (70), Helbenah (70), Levonah (70) Tzipporen (70), Helbenah (70), Levonah (70)


Per the Qetoret recipe laid out in Masekhet Keritot (6A), there are 324 maneh in a few different combinations of samanim (spices). The first four samanim in the Qetoret comprise 280 maneh: Tzori (70), Tzipporen (70), Helbenah (70), Levonah (70). The remaining 44 maneh can be comprised of any of the following combinations of samanim: Mor (16), Qetzi'ah ...


The minhag is to say it once for everyone but Rabbi Shurkin says that Rav Yoshe Ber Soloveitchik would tell it to every single avel individually.


324 was the number of men present at the meal with the three angels who visited Avrohom - Avrohom, Yishmael, Eliezer, the three angels, and the 318 trained men of Avrohom that are mentioned in Bereishis 14:14, as discussed in this post.


It is the amount which is mentioned in a letter by the Friediker Rebbi Zatzal in the year 5705 which was donated anonymously for the Bikur Cholim of Lubavitch. Perhaps the reason of this donation amount is due to 18 x 18 = 324 (See Source for # times chai?)


אף על פי שבית דין של שלושה, בית דין שלם הוא, כל זמן שהן רבים, הרי זה משובח Although a court of three is considered as a complete entity, whenever there are more judges, it is praiseworthy. Rambam Sanhedrin 2:13 (English)


Targum on that passuk spells out the numbers and Rashi quotes him. Each chaya has 64 wings. They each have four partzuphim, each partzuph has four faces and each face has four wings. 4 X 4 x 4=64. Then, being that he saw 4 chayos turns out he saw 256 wings.


At the simplest level, it's saying that when Esav chose to sell off the birthright, he had the opportunity to fast-forward history -- boom! Monarchy, nationhood, no muss no fuss. Jacob, on the other hand, had to go on an arduous journey and process of becoming a nation. Thus, "Esav had eight kings while Israel still hadn't gotten to that stage." (If you want ...


Rashi on that verse brings a medrash Gen.Rabbah 83:2 that says the eight kings correspond to the first eight jewish kings. Edom came to autonomous power only during the rule of the ninth king.


With regards to a mamzer (Devarim 23:3), see Maayano Shel Torah, quoting a teaching from HaRav HaKadosh of Ostrovska (perhaps the Zichron Shmuel) : A loose translation: Why does the Torah need to emphasize that a Mamzer is forbidden even after 10 generations? There is an opinion in the Talmud Yerushalmi that a berya, a complete creature can become ...

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