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R. Shlomo Kluger in his sefer Imrei Shefer here explains that the 42 cities that Yisrael gave to the Levites corresponded to the 42 journeys which Yisrael made in the wilderness and thus required 42 places of rest, each of which Hashem changed from being a very desolate place into a place to live. Therefore, Yisrael needed to repay this kindness to Hashem, ...


There is a conflict in the Midrashim as to who she was buried by. According (to the footnotes in) Seder Olam (Bereishis 1) she was buried by Chanoch. This presumes that she outlived Adam. Yet, the Sefer Tziyoni (Chayei Sarah) writes that it was Adam, so she clearly died first.


רָאשִׁים לְאָבוֹת מָאתַיִם אַרְבָּעִים וּשְׁנָיִם heads of [certain] households [of kohanim in Y'rushalayim] were 242 —N'chemya 11:13


128 were the soldiers who lived in Y'rushalayim (N'chemya 11:14).

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