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The total number of roshei avot in עזרא ח:א-יד is 1496. They gave, as a gift to the אוצר המלאכה, five thousand מנות of silver in עזרא ב:סט, and according to דעת מקרה each מנה is 100 Persian shekels. Meaning they gave, on average, just over 334 (actually 334.2246) Persian shekels per person. Source: Yehoshua Liebermann, "Biblical Statistics", page 180. It ...


According to the book Rabbinical Mathematics And Astronomy, by W. M. Feldman, as cited in various places on the Internet (I haven't read the original myself.) including in comments by Bert Katz on this Chabad.org article, the Hebrew calendar would stop drifting noticeably away from being fixed, in the long run, to the seasons if it used a 334-year cycle for ...


The custom to respond to a greeting/wish-for-peace by giving some additional blessing - and expressing that additional blessing by 'doubling' the received wish - seems to go back at least to the times of the gemara: see Gitin 62a, where it talks about greeting gentiles working the land during shmita, and refers to "doubling" the "Shalom." (Apparently the ...


329 is the total number of פרשיות סגורות in the Torah: 48 in Bereshit, 95 in Shmot, 46 in Vayikra, 66 in Bamidbar, and 124 in Dvarim. Source: Yehoshua Liebermann, "Biblical Statistics", page 241


There are 87 pesukim in Parshas Chukas.


The sefer Chazon L'Moed on the last verses of Daniel, in one of his calculations, calculated that the end of the exile would be in the year 5665. He understood this to also be hinted to in Hashem's telling Avraham that his children would be in exile for 400 years, which, based on verses in the end of Daniel, he understood to be 400 Sabbatical years. He ...


R. Aryeh Kaplan, in his article "Reverence of the Sacred," writes that י-ו is written as טז, not because it's a divine name (unlike י-ה, which Avot DeRabbi Natan 34:2 and others write is actually a biblical name of God). Rather, its lettering is changed because י-ו "resembles a divine name." This exemplifies our sensitivity to desecrating God's name (other ...


87 is the gematria of Paz, a rare and valuable metal used to illustrate the value of Torah: "Hanechmadim mizahav, umipaz rav."

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