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Kitsur: 221 simanim 161102 words 651478 letters Stats from the 1983 Rivad Publications edition. (This is relevant because different editions will have different numbers or words and letters even if they use the same core text because some may expand roshei tevot or do other things like that).


The first Rashi in Parshat Masei mentions that Israel had 14 journeys during the first year until they arrived at Ritmah (which is Kadesh Barne'a). Then they wandered for 38 years where they had 20 journeys. Then, the final year there were 8 journeys after Aharon died as they went into the land. The 40 years of wandering in the desert retroactively include ...


There is a conflict in the Midrashim as to who she was buried by. According (to the footnotes in) Seder Olam (Bereishis 1) she was buried by Chanoch. This presumes that she outlived Adam. Yet, the Sefer Tziyoni (Chayei Sarah) writes that it was Adam, so she clearly died first.


There are 304,805 letters in the Torah. There are 79,976 words in the Torah. There are 5,888 or 5,845 verses in the Torah. Bereishit (Genesis) 12 Sidrot 50 Chapters 1,534 Verses Shmot (Exodus) 11 Sidrot 40 Chapter 1,209 Verses Vayikra (Leviticus) 10 Sidrot 27 Chapters 859 Verses Bamidbar (Numbers) 10 Sidrot 36 Chapters 1,288 ...


I heard Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau shlit'a observe that with regards to the head, there are compartments -- different Jews can and should think differently. But with regards to the arm, action -- we all have to work together.


Menachos 34b uses various verses to prove the requirement. There are three mentions of "Totafos" (referring the the head-tefillin) in the Torah, two of which are written as though they were singular, and one of which is plural, thus a total of four. Alternatively, tot and fos each means two, and 2+2=4. The Gemarah there says that the arm-tefillin has one ...


I can answer only 1 of your questions, as I have memorized the names of all the 63 tractates ... unless you want to include the "small tractates" that appear after Avodah zarah (such as Avot D'Rav Nattan) - I think that would add another 5 or 6 to that number. Many tractates only have mishnah - not Gemarrah. Wikipedia article on Talmud should provide you ...


By having 4 separate compartments you are giving precedence to the Tefilin Shel Rosh. More information Shulchan aruch HaRav hilchos Teffilin 25:14

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