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It seems according to the Radvaz 1:73 that a man who wants to marry a Jewish woman who was previously a karaite and now accepts all the derabbanans is allowed. He held that their(karaites) kiddushin is not a kiddushin at all and the problem of mamzerut does not apply. He ends off saying that in Egypt they had a mass conversion of Karaites and they were ...


They do. You can see in the Karaite Jews of America website that they celebrate Purim on a similar date (though in Adar I in leap years).


Rav Moshe in his Igros Moshe Even Haezer 2:17 writes one cannothat pray in a conservative temple and one shouldn't even attendo a wedding that takes place there. The karites are kofrim in regards to the oral Torah see the Rambam in hilchos Tshuvah (however,see Hilchos Mamarim 3:3 where he considers them tinok shinisbos). In his tshuvos he writes that ...

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