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AFAIK there is no such list, one tell tale sign of that as mentioned in another answer, is that there is a debate about turkeys. Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 82 details how determine if a bird is kosher.


The Torah only lists non-kosher birds, implying that all other birds are kosher. However, scavengers and birds of prey are not kosher, though it may take many years to observe behavior that proves that. Therefore, the primary requirement today in identifying kosher birds is having a tradition that the particular bird is kosher. Is there a comprehensive list ...


There isn't any sources that say which birds are specifically kosher. This article from Aish.com discusses the halachic status of turkeys. Because the Torah only lists which birds are not kosher and we don't have a reliable translation of what some of the names of those birds are, the rabbis had to make a decision - either allow all birds except for those ...

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