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The Spanish-Portuguese Synagogue (Cong. Shearith Israel) omits "tahanunim" and recites special psalms. The current rabbi is Meir Soloveichik. Source.


I'm not sure if there are any exact prohibitions because Santa Claus did not exist during the times of the great Sages and Gedolim of old. However, I do believe it is said a Jew should not celebrate during a pagan holiday. Christmas certainly is a pagan holiday, so I would steer clear.


There are Orthodox Rabbis in London who wear poppies and go along to Remembrance Ceremonies and even recite prayers in them. The poppy is not a form of idolatry but is instead a symbol of "respect" to the soldiers who gave up their lives to protect us. In the United Kingdom, this is particularly relevant, as we are remembering soldiers who fought in World ...

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