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MB: 429(2) Twelve Nesiyim brought korbonos for twelve days and for each it was Yom Tov on their day, Erev Pesach, Pesach and Isru Chag added together gives a majority of the month in at least partial Kedushah, therefore the whole month is considered Kodesh. The gemara in Menochos 65a says the the first eight days were designated as a celebration for the ...


The Shulchan Aruch (OC 428:2) informs us that under the current fixed calendar, Rosh Chodesh Nissan will only fall on either Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. So there can be weeks of 7, 5, 3, or 1 day respectively.


I've heard that after the sin of the Golden Calf, the Clouds of Glory were taken away. After Yom Kippur, Moshe told the Jews to start donating for the Mishkan. On Sukkos, all the necessary materials were obtained, and the Clouds of Glory returned.


To quote myself: The Mishna Berura (OC 471 sk 10) points out that one may eat Matza Ashira (eg. Egg Matza) on Erev Pesach because one cannot fulfill his obligation to eat matza on seder night with it. Seemingly the only things that are forbidden to eat are those with which one can fulfill his obligation to eat matza.


In OC 471 sk 12, the Mishna Berurah mentions that certain types of matza which we are only machmir to treat as chametz (eg matza that folded over itself in the oven) are forbidden to be eaten on Erev Pesach as they are actually kosher matza according to the basic law. The assumption of this point is that had they actually been chametz, they would have been ...


Nissan starts without Tachnun because it is the time when the Mishkan was inaugurated - that is the first 12 days. Then the 13th is the Isru Chag of those 12 days (The Tzemach Tzedek quoting the Maharil), and then there is no Tachnun on the 14th because the Korban Pesach was brought, and then Pesach. So there is no opportunity to say Tachanun until the ...


The bracha can be made from the time the tree starts to bloom, regardless of the month (Mishna Berura quoting "Acharonim"). Lechatechita it should be said before the fruit grows. The Mishna Berurah sides that, bediavad, if you did not see the blossoming and the fruit started to grow, you can rely on those who say you can make a bracha until the fruit is ...


The basis of the prohibition of eating matzah on erev Pesach (which was later expanded to longer periods before Pesach) may be found in Yerushalmi Pesachim 68b: אמר רבי לוי האוכל מצה בערב הפסח כבא על ארוסתו בבית חמיו והבא על ארוסתו בבית חמיו לוקה 'Rabbi Levi said: One who eats matzah on erev Pesach is like one who has intercourse with his betrothed ...


The main things done for a yahrtzeit are: Getting Maftir on the Shabbos before Getting an Aliya to the torah Davening from the Amud Learning mishnayos l'ilui nishmas the niftar Lighting a yahrtziet candle Saying Kaddish Going to the kever and reciting certain pirkei Tehilim Reciting Kel Maleh Rachamim Fasting Of all the above listed items, the only ones ...


The Rav of our shul spoke about this when discussing our shul minhag of not saying tachanun until Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan. Note that this is our shul minhag as other shuls in the community start tachanun after Isru Chag (or maybe on Isru Chag, I am not sure). The first part of the month continues tachanun because of the inyan of teshuvah and din. After ...


There is a mashal that I am giving from memory. A king was warned that the queen would have a daughter who would die unless the first man that she saw would be at her wedding. He built a castle and the queen gave birth to the daughter there. The castle was staffed only with women and the queen often visited, telling the king how beautiful and accomplished ...


Found it thanks to DoubleAA. The Rama 296:2 writes that is a custom to use beer on motzai pesach. However, on a regular motzai Shabbas he writes that pagum (someone drank from it) wine is better than beer.

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