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Basically, there are 3 separate mehalchim 1. Just drink the wine or grape juice yourself (no difference b/t the two) (Mechaber) 2. Find a child and he should drink it; if you cant find one - then drink it yourself (Rema) 3. Beer - (Aruch Hashulchan) Each of these views have a wide following among acharonim and contemporary poskim. Most Sefardim follow the ...


Any reason to take a cold shower? The halocho is that any washing for enjoyment is forbidden. If it is not for enjoyment, see the link quoted by eramm above (ohr.edu/5228). If they like cold showers better, should they specifically take hot showers? My guess is that we would say that בטלה דעתו אצל כל אדם – even though he likes cold showers better, he ...

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