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A man hugging a woman who is a nidda is more severe that הרחקות. It is actually קריבה לעריות. I think that would eliminate your question.


You are mixing up two things that have nothing to do with one another. A man is allowed to touch his close relatives: mother, grandmother, (grand)daughter, and sister (although the last is less recommended, but still allowed). This is always allowed, irrespective of anything else (married or single, nidda or not). (And the same for a woman touching her (...


If I understand correctly, your argument goes something like this: A.) The Halacha is to always wait (>=5) + 7. B.) Doing so on a natural routine can be inconvenient, e.g. for vacations. C.) People use the pill to deal with it. D.) Using the pill this way is: 1. A cancer risk. 2. Unnatural and therefore against God's will. 3. Emotionally messy. ...


It is important to make some clarification. What are the "five days"? This requirement is based on the eventuality that the woman was clean (allowed to marital relationship) and has an intercourse immediately before the bleading. So, she is "Poletet Shichvat Zera", leaking male semen (this semen is still not putrefied, so theoretically able to fecund). ...

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