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Even a full blown Navi only gets the the messages Hashem sends and regarding anything else can be mistaken. See Taanya, Igeres Hakodesh chapter 22. Otherwise they would all be millionaires.


Metzudat David interprets the verse in Jeremiah differently, (though in the Mikraot Gedolot, he is the only one to do so). He says that Jeremiah is telling Hananiah that He hopes Hananiah is right, but that bad prophecies have happened before, and just because Hananiah is prophesying for good doesn't make him any more believable than Jeremiah, unless the ...


I have heard 2 answers to this question. Do not remember sources. 1 - Since the Terafim were in the tent, the Tumah (impurity) blocked Yaakov's Ruach Hakodesh. 2 - Yaakov was married to 2 sisters, which is forbidden by the Torah. One of the reasons it was allowed was that the Avos did not keep the Torah in Chutz Laretz. Yaakov was on his way back to Eretz ...

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