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Yes, you are correct, the Talmude here [pesachim 9b] is making a pun. This is mentioned as one of the more famous examples, but there are others. Another example is Kiddushin 25a, Students called Rav Hemnuna 'cold fish' (for being unable to answer their questions) - המנונא Hemnuna, is similar to חמנונא Chamnuna, which is a 'warm fish.'. See also here for ...


Targum Yonathan (Bereshit 27:5) states Rivqah received רוח הקודש Or HaḤayim (ibid) plainly states Rivqah was a prophetess RaSh"I (Bereshit 29:34) states that the foremothers prophesied that Ya'aqov was to father the Twelve Tribes ("האמהות נביאות היו ויודעות שי"ב שבטים יוצאים מיעקב") Sifte'i Ḥakhamim (ibid) makes peace between Megillah 14A and Targum ...

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