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Gershon Gold reports that a synagogue he once attended had installed a washing station in the prayer hall so as to avoid kohanim and l'viyim's leaving the room during the chazan's repetition of the amida (which could cut the number of men present to fewer than ten). That can be an argument against getting rid of the washing station in your synagogue.


You asked: What if, during the hand-washing, less than ten people remain in the shul? Should the chazzan pause until they come back? The answer is: The Chazzan continues as usual. Source: The Kitzur Shulchan Aruch in 15:10 gives the rules what to do when the Minyan disappears: אִם אֵין בְּבֵית הַכְּנֶסֶת רַק מִנְיָן מְצֻמְצָם, אָסוּר לְכָל אֶחָד ...


In a Shul that I Davened there was such an issue and the Kohanim would go out prior to the beginning of the Chazaras Hashatz and have their hands washed and Chazaras Hashatz began when they came back into the Shul. I was once in a different community where they installed a sink in the back of the Bais Medrash as they had this problem too. From Din.org - ...

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