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Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, in Igros Moshe Even HaEzer 1:56 did not want to allow shaking hands, even when the other person offers their hand first, as it is likely considered an affectionate act. Hugging, whatever the reason, seems to be much more of an inherently affectionate act, and would be similarly discouraged. Even according to those who would permit ...


Different crowds use "I'm shomer negiah" to mean two very different things: A.) I follow the strictest reading of the law and avoid any touching whatsoever. B.) I keep the law and don't hug/kiss my unwed sweetheart, unlike many of my friends for whom that's too hard. Let's address the sources for both. The Torah starts off the list of prohibited ...


See Rambam Issurei Biah Chapter 21 and Shulchan Aruch Even HaEzer Chapter 20 who codify this as a Biblical prohibition. Rambam mentions Leviticus 18:6 and 18:30 as his sources. Rambam counts it as prohibition #353. Sefer HaChinuch counts it as #188. Semag counts it under prohibition #126.


Tosfos in Sotah 19a (D'H Vkohen Maniach) quotes the Yerushalmi, which asks how was it permissible for the Kohen to place his hands underneath the Sotahs hands while doing "tenufa" ie. waving when bringing the Minchas Sotah? One answer Tofos suggests to justify this is because the Kohen placed a sheet or napkin between his hands and her hands. וכהן מניח ...


Regarding neveilah (See Bechoros 23), there would be no distinction to be made if you were wearing a glove or you sat on a dead animal (though sitting on a pillow on TOP of the animal would be different). The conveyance of Tumas maga happens irrespective of your clothes, which are considered batel to your body. The issue regarding yayn nesech is its use for ...


For medical purposes this case should be no different to other cases whereby a man can receive treatment from a female doctor (and vice versa). Despite this, some choose (when possible) a doctor of the same gender in any case, if it makes no difference e.g. if it makes no difference for you, and is possible, to have a full medical examination by a doctor of ...


I have seen that holding your hands behind your back and bowing slightly in deference usually forestalls any attempt to shake your hand. Also saying you have a cold always helps. Oh, and being honest and proud of keeping halachos of tznius

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