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On a peshat level, Yiftach (see Shofetim 11) was not exactly the most educated or refined of individuals. 1) He was the son of a harlot (pasuk 1) 2) He was a gang leader of a group of no-goodniks (pasuk 3) who was only brought back and promoted because a tough guy was needed (pasuk 8). 3) He is not theologically sophisticated, and in speaking to the king ...


We don't know if he did actually sacrifice his daughter by killing her, but he should have sought the council of the Kohen Gadol (some say Pinchas was still alive). There is, however, a formula set out in the last chapter of Vayikra: Last chapter of book of Vayikra (Leviticus) first 5 verses: copied from chabad.org translation (didn't paste that well) ...

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