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The Beis Yosef in O.C. 603 quotes a Tashbet"z quoting R' Shmuel of Burnburk that one shouldn't accept not to eat pas palter during aseres yemei teshuva because if he did he'd have to continue keeping it all year. We don't pasken like that which is where the Aruch HaShulchan is coming from. That being the case I think it's clear from the poskim the way they ...


Your example is politically loaded. Let's try a simpler one. Joe makes a vow not to eat chocolate. Then he finds himself on a desert island where there is no food other than chocolate, and he will otherwise die of starvation. (Or more simply -- he's having a diabetic emergency and the only available food is chocolate.) The prohibition of violating a vow is ...


Vows have always been discouraged. In fact, the gemara in Masechet Nedarim specifically mentions certain halachot of nedarim exist to discourage the light usage of nedarim. Nonetheless, your example of using nedarim to break (at least certain) bad habits is indeed something that at least some major contemporary poskim support. GuardYourEyes.org is a ...


I've heard a few Rabbis mention in their drashos that focusing on nedarim and how careful we must be with our words brings the message home how powerful our words really are. This gets us in the right frame of mind to put our words to good use in prayer for the next 25 hours.

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