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There is nothing special going on here based on the marriage relationship. Anyone can say to anyone else: "Do you swear XYZ?" and if they answer affirmatively, the oath is binding on them. So too if a husband says to his wife "Do you swear to not talk to Ploni-down-the-street?" The relevant rule in this case is that breaking that specific oath is considered ...


The Shela in the beginning of Mesechtas Yoma - paragraph beginning with וכך הוא המנהג mentions saying דיינים מומחים in the context of saying it in front of a group of Talmidei Chochomim and Yirei Shomayim. Orchos Rabeinu 2 page 171 mentions that the Steipler omitted the word מומחים. However Rabbi Shlomo Kluger Zatzal in Nidrei Zerizin Volume 3 - 228:14 - ...


Tallis -- this is easy. The halachic default is that everyone 13 and up should be wearing a Tallis; Ashkenazi never-married-men happen to have a custom otherwise. (Rabbi Meiselman, for instance, feels this whole custom is in error and his unmarried sons wear tallisos.) In absence of such a custom, we default to the standard -- wear a Tallis. Hair covering ...


Rashi to the cited verse: לא יחיה: ומאותה קללה מתה רחל בדרך Shall not live: and from that curse Rachel died on the road. So it seems that it was a curse.


By making the neder to bring a mincha with barley when he knows it is not possible, this person is making a neder in vain – a neder shov. From INSIGHTS INTO THE DAILY DAF Nedarim 15 I see that The RAN (end of Nedarim 14b) writes that there is no Isur of "Neder Shav," a Neder made in vain, as there is an Isur of Shevu'as Shav, a Shevu'ah made in ...


The Gemara in Sh'vuos 22b: שבועה שלא אוכל, ואכל נבילות וטריפות, שקצים ורמשים - חייב, ור' שמעון פוטר; והוינן בה, אמאי חייב? מושבע ועומד מהר סיני הוא! רב ושמואל ור' יוחנן דאמרי: בכולל דברים המותרין עם דברים האסורין Someone swears not to eat, and they eat forbidden foods, they are responsible [for violating their oath]. Why are they responsible for ...


According to the expalanation in this article, yes, he does have to refrain unless annuled based on the notion that he made the vow unwittingly.

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