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You can give Tzedakah with Maaser money, as long you don't have an obligation to give that Tzedakah. Example: Someone got an Aliya. The cost of the Aliya was $180. He is not permited to deduct it from Maaser, but he can be Menadev (pledge) $180 from his Maaser when he has an aliya. You can read this and this for more info.


In order to annul a vow, there must be a reason to annul it. Usually, that reason is of the form, "If I had known XYZ, I never would have taken that oath!" The 9th perek of Masechet Nedarim discusses annulling vows using the reason that something happened after the oath was taken which, had the person who swore known it would happen, he wouldn't have sworn ...


The Malbim says that they could not release their oath since they had an alternative solution which was the scenario that they enacted.


Let's call it "very strongly discouraged." If they were all-out prohibited, the Torah wouldn't have a procedure for them. There was a point when Jewish law would demand an oath in financial proceedings (e.g. "I was supposed to watch your cow and I swear I didn't abuse it in any way, it was hit by a lightning bolt"), but we try to avoid those today whenever ...

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