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Colloquialy we refer to them as Sefarim (Sefer in singular), as opposed to books which are not treated with respect. She kept the Sefarim and threw out the books. This does not work when talking Hebrew.


AFAIK, sifrei kodesh (ספרי קודש) is the common term.


R' Tzvi Hirsch Chayos in Mavo HaTalmud writes about various midrashic methodologies employed by Chazal in the Gemara and Midrash. In the twenty-first chapter, he discusses this tendency to identify a person mentioned in Tanach with someone else in Tanach, or to equate two names as belonging to the same person (e.g. "הוא מלאכי הוא עזרא"). Chayos treats this ...


There are several issues. When I learned about it, the main issues involve if the child was born Jewish or not. This is from memory and from knowing someone that it affected. If the child was born Jewish and if the biological father was Jewish, then he should be called by the biological father's name. If the child was born Jewish and the biological father ...

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