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Rashi comments on this. He says that it was destined in heaven that Ya'akov was to have 12 sons. If each of his wives had a number of sons evenly, each wife would bear three sons. When Leah gave birth to her fourth son, Yehudah, she said it was time to praise Hashem because she recieved more than her portion of sons. (Source: you can check me on this; just ...


Her name was changed under Babylonian captivity. They didn't have a choice (openly). The same as Daniel (Belteshazzar), Hananiah (Shadrach), Mishael(Meshach), and Azaraiah(Abednego).


Your analogy is incorrect as it does not apply to what happened to Leah. Leah did not attempt to "take away" a son from Rachel and it was thanks to Hashem who had done this. Rav Hirsch points out that with each of the three previous sons she recognized an increasing connection to her husband. In fact, Rav Hirsch says It is accordingly, highly ...


Shalom! I think this question could better be answered by a jew or an Israelite. They own the hebrew language and they are the ones who where entrusted by the Words of HaShem (Rom. 3:1-2). the Israelite people are still living today, they are the living witnesses. What I learned from them is that today nobody knows the correct pronunciation of the ...

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