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What is the correct way to use the sefirotic dominance in daily life? To align one's activities with the spiritual "situation" (sorry, energy was too new age a word for me) at the time. In general, to know what that is, one has to be "One who is versed in kabbala" and if you are not, don't worry about it, that isn't where you need to be focusing your ...


Just to add to the thorough answer above. The Rambam forbids yichud with a non-jew as well. Issure Biya: Perek 22: 3. That means that before even having relations with a non-Jewess, it is forbidden for one to seclude himself with her. All the more-so, is it forbidden to have relations with her.


The Yerushalmi in Shabbos says that in the future the Jews will be closer to Hashem than the angels, and that the angels will be asking us what Hashem is doing.


As elaborated in the source here, that is a misunderstanding. Both souls have all levels of Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Chaya and Yechida. However, in the animal soul, Nefesh (the animation of basic life functions) is more predominant, and in the G-dly soul, Neshama (the intellectual aspects of the soul) is.


I heard Rabbi Akiva Tatz explain as follows - People think that "mysticism" is a secret means that you don't know it because no one will tell you. But once you qualify, you'll find an old rabbi in a back alley who will let you in on the secret. But that isn't what it means that "mysticism" is secret - it means that it is by nature not possible to tell. It ...


The point of hiding it is that it shouldn't end up looking the way it does today. The Rambam in his introduction to Mishnayos explains that when those who aren't meant for deep stuff get hold of it they mock it. This is what we see today. If only the secrets would have remained secrets it would have still been admired by those who don't relate to it. In a ...


it is written in a special code (metaphorical) language so that only those with the necessary introductions and level of torah scholarship can understand it. so even with all the literature out there, it remains incomprehensible. see this audio by Rabbi Yaakov Hillel (regarded as one of the top kabalists today) see: http://audio.ohr.edu/track/id=521

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