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I am going to answer this question for kabbalah in general sense it answers most of what you ask about the Arizal as well. Typically there are two ways to deal with kabbalistic teachings: to accept them as divinely inspired or as definitely complimenting what is written in Torah shebichtav (Written Torah; Pentateuch) and to deny them as being fallible ...


Shaving only the mustache but keeping the beard may make a person appear to be Amish, which might be chukat akum (Vayikra 18:3, Rambam (Sefer HaMitzvot Lav no. 30), Sefer HaChinuch (n. 262)). All the moreso because the Amish do so for religious reasons.


The baal hatanya explains that gentiles have animal souls, whereas Jews have both animal and godly souls. However, some non-Jews who are especially righteous have a godly soul too IIRC.

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