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R Norman Lamm (in a 1965 typeset dvar Torah !, see also here) mentions the source as being the Vilna Gaon (p. 7). He applies it (pp. 8ff) to tsedaka and gives examples such as lending money with no interest, not feeling bad about giving money, mishloach manot (well, that changed!) then shatnez, shaving, rising in front of the elder, minha in a mynian, ...


It depends if you see Judaism as a natural or unnatural state. It is not racism to be an Australian Aboriginal, even though I have little chance of being inducted in an Aboriginal coming of age rite. It is racist to practice white supremacism, and exclude Jews and Blacks from entering restaraunts. Being an Aboriginal Australian is a natural order. I ...


according to the Torah, the Jewish people were elevated by God at Sinai and appointed as His treasured people. So if you accept that as true, then Jews have a special status. This doesn't mean they are better than others, just that they have a high level job vis-a-vis humanity. This is a responsibility which can come with a heavy price tag.


I recommend two seforim in particular: Yalkut Yosef, Kibbud Av Va'em by Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef, son of Maran Hagaon R. Ovadia Yosef, (Etbonan Publisher, 2006) and Honoring Parents in Halachah by Rabbi Tzuriel Taaseh (Targum Press, 2004). Both of them has a collection of midrashim and mussar sayings from chazal.


The advice of making a cheshbono shel olam seems to be to treat religion as you would a business, which requires a profit and loss statement to know if the business is heading in the right direction. Once you accept that premise you will keep the company ledger in mind when performing a mitzva or aveira, and do an end-of-day profit and loss statement which ...


The book My Father, My Mother and Me - Sons and daughters tell of their devotion, challenges, and successes in honoring their parents by Yehudis Samet (Artscroll), is really great!


This is an excellent question. this passage is hard to decipher. The Chazal of "המושלים ביצרם...‏" comes after the advice given to make Cheshbon Hanefesh. So, apparently, the Moshlim talk about this. What has happened as a result of past activity? But the author explain that the result of C.H is also to improve future actions. When he marvels at this ...

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