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The fifth chapter of Avos says one hallmark of a chacham, wise person, is that mode al haemes, he acknowledges the truth. Rashi says this refers to someone who has erred and acknowledges a correction.


Yes. The Life Work of Shimon haAmsoni. Aggada Insight by Rabbi Yitzchak Blau Cited in Talmud Bavli no less than four times, this braissa first appears in Pesachim (22b)See the Art Scroll page 22b3 notes 27 - 30 Shimon HaAmsuni- some say Nechemia HaAmsuni- was doresh all the ‘esem’ (the appearances of the word ‘es’) in the Torah. Upon reaching ‘Es ...


When dealing with monetary issues, the Halacha usually is כמנהג המדינה, i.e. whatever common practice is in that specific location, unless specified otherwise in the worker's contract. In your specific example, סימן של"א - השוכר פועלים ינהג עמהם כמנהג המדינה in Choshen Mishpat would be closest: There it says: ב: מָקוֹם שֶׁנָּהֲגוּ לָזוּן, יָזוּן; ...

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