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Playing all types of musical instruments on Shabbos is forbidden by Rabinic decree. It is forbidden as a "shvus" (Rabinic ordinance of Shabbos), not a "melachah" (creative activity). As is typically the case, they didn't differentiate between different types of instruments (lo plug). They also forbade making music with non-instruments (even banging pot ...


It's forbidden (Shulchan Aruch, OC 338:1). He gives no reason (as usual), but, if I recall correctly, the reason the rabbis instituted this prohibition was as a safeguard lest one come to fix the instrument as needed while playing. (I know little about woodwinds, but I guess that might include putting in a new reed.)


Moroccan jewry is a mix of original jews from Maghreb and the ones (megorashim) arrived from Spain with the expulsion in 1492. Each group had different rites n' ended mixed or replaced. Some rites change from one city to another. https://www.youtube.com/user/darkeabotenou/featured @Yshma3el

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