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Even if there is a "psychedelic community" in Israel that approves of "magic mushrooms," that is not an indication that Judaism approves of it. In nearly every country there is a small group of people obsessed with psychedelic drugs, and they pretty much approve of them all. Since they are ideologues, they have no credibility. Don't listen to them. These ...


shehakol. But look at this fascinating article for more details!


See Aryeh Kaplan in Meditation and Kabbalah, where he mentions that R' Chaim Vital may have used psychedelic grasses. The gemara in Shabbos, I believe talks about "peiros ginosar" who's flavor is seemingly psychedelic. Although I asked a certain R' Sokol, and was told that the gemara in a different location says "once the beis hamikdash was destroyed, the ...


According to the CRC "Mushrooms – Fresh mushrooms must be rinsed and a cursory inspection is needed. Portabella mushrooms should have the brown under part removed. All dried and frozen without any added kosher sensitive ingredients are acceptable. Canned or jarred mushrooms must have a reliable hashgacha." Source: ...


The way to go is to cut the shroom into slices (including the stem) and to check if they have needle-size brown tunnels. Also good to know - there is no need to peel the shroom.


A number of points: Kilaei Zeraim applies to things that grow from the ground. Mushrooms do not qualify. Kilaei Zeraim is forbidden only if you plant it intentionally OR if you leave it that after you find it and it grows to maturity. Kilaei Zeraim requires at least TWO different types of seeds to be planted in addition to the vine itself.


I spoke to a Rav yesterday who explained to me that it is a food that does not satiate.

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