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I point to the Bracha in Shemoneh Esrei, "Retzei," which now focuses on the return of the sacrifices, but when the Beit HaMikdrash is rebuilt we will pray that the sacrifices are accepted and pleasing to God. You can also see from the Ma'amadot that representatives of the non-Levites were sent to the Beit HaMikdash to pray that the sacrifices be accepted, ...


In the shuls that I have gone to on Rosh Hashana (Ashkenaz US) it appears that people bow in the same way as they do during the aleinu at the end of services. This is from what I was taught many years ago and observation in shul.


This was birkat kohanim, the priestly blessing, which (in the diaspora, at least for Ashkenazim) is done only on the high holy days and festivals. In Israel it is done at each morning service (where a minyan is present). This is a recreation of a temple practice. I have been taught that one reason our kohanim take their shoes off is because they did in ...

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