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It's intentionally ambiguous. It may be that Saul was lying injured on the battlefield when the Amalekite came across him; it may be that the Amalekite totally fabricated the story. Either way, he knew that Saul viewed David as a threat, and therefore he could earn points with the new king by saying, "I killed your competitor!"


Just heard a lecture on this yesterday from Yael Ziegler. She theorized that the Amalekite is hoping for a reward from David. He assumes that David will be pleased at his "promotion". (Also as a member of Amalek he does not value human life as highly, and thus doesn't assume that David will have such strong positive feelings for Saul - there isn't space to ...


The merit of all ideals are measured in contrast to the will of Hashem. He now had clear direction as to what the will of Hashem. While the severity of murder surpasses saving your own skin, it doesn't surpass Hashem's command. Beis Din is told to kill certain people, prophets told to kill certain people. Sodom was a Gezeira, a heavenly judgment that he ...


Yes this was very different because it was a direct command from Hashem. Don't forget, a Navi cannot ignore his nevuah. The difference between this and Sedom was that from Avraham's perspective there was no reason for Hashem to warn him about the impending destruction except to get him to pray, so he did. By the Akeida he was commanded to carry out the ...

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