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Rabbi Howard Jachter, in an excellent article on Halachic Perspectives on Pets (http://www.daat.ac.il/daat/english/halacha/jachter_1.htm), footnote 44, quotes "Rabbi Shmuel David (Sheilot Uteshuvot Meirosh Tzurim 38:6) (http://hebrewbooks.org/pdfpager.aspx?req=22624&st=&pgnum=270) [who] cogently argues that one who is accustomed to move his pets is ...


Very broad question. There are many types of muktza. From the two you mentioned, rocks should be designated for the use you intend forever. This is how the mishna berurah ruled. Pets are tough. Many huge poskim all come from an answer that the Rosh gave about birds in cages that animals stay muktzah under all circumstances. Chacham Ovadia and the seffer ...


The step "now that the myrtle is no longer fit to use for waving, it should be permitted to smell and therefore not muktza" is inaccurate. The Hadas remains prohibited to smell the entire day even if it subsequently became invalid because it was set aside for the whole day. (OC 665 and 653)

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