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No. Empty containers (excluding pots) are not muktzeh. In general,muktzeh means that an object's primary use is not permitted on Shabbos. Empty cans do not meet that criterion. (See Muktzeh, A Practical Guide by Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen.)


If the shells are fit for consumption by a kind of animal that is common in the area you're in [or, I assume, that you own a specimen of], then they are not muktzim. (Sh'mira Shabas K'hilchasah 20:27.) If, however, they're not, then they are muktzim. One should release the shells from his hand as soon as feasible after peeling the eggs (SSK 20:26), though ...


In addition to what my predecessors wrote, today's smartwatches include two functions that must be disabled before Shabbat: a. Communication: e.g. Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. If the smartwatch has "Airplane Mode", then you must turn it on. I don't think that turning off the "Bluetooth" will be enough, because there are more functions that should be disabled, but ...

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