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A KLI is not muktza unless oser bianoo, muktza Bain hashmoshois, muktsa machmas mitsva, or muktsa machmas hsoroin kis But if the KLI is set for use that is forbidden on Shabos you can only move it to use it or for its place but not to save it from harm This KLI seems to fall in the category of a KLI used for permitted things, that is only forbidden to be ...


Rav Neustadt distinguishes between  a) severe (chamur) muktzeh - items which are "set apart" before Shabbos because they will definitely not be used on Shabbos. and b) light (kal) muktzeh - items which are set apart because they are normally used for activities which are prohibited on Shabbos, but may, on occasion, be used for a permitted ...

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