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Here it brings the following sources on the matter: The Chasam Sofer (Shut Y.D. 341) was concerned about it and spoke about pushing off the learning until the coming Tisha B'Av. Sefer Chassidim (261) is an interesting source. He says you should learn them because they aren't learned generally. So there you have the existing practice of not learning them ...


This should answer your question: The custom of refraining from haircuts during the sheloshim is generally applied even to shaving, but there is some room to distinguish between them, because shaving (which is done daily) does not involve the festive nature of a haircut. In addition, it is possible that reasons of losing one’s parnasah will ...


When we learned for Smiche, Dayan Zimmermann (The Rov in Gateshead) told us that people should learn Aveilus BEFORE they need it. Otherwise one will make mistakes when it needed.


R' Yosef Berger told me not to learn the latter half of Mo'ed Katan while both parents are living. This was to learn through the sugyas of the gemaras, not just to learn the laws of aveilus, and he said not to. The question I asked him was about if the group I was learning with should begin this topic. He said that it should be done in private. He seems ...

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