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There are various "degrees" of "mourning". Generally, the most noticeable chaneg is refraining from hearing music, which, BTW, is not a minhag mentioned in the shulchan aruch. It developed years later and has become a common minhag. (After the destruction of the Bet Hamikdash, one should NEVER listen to music. Few follow this halacha.) Generally the strict ...


During some shiurim, our local rav told us that if one has Jewish biological parents, he is required to treat them with the proper respect and to sit shiva for them. I could not find my notes on the subject, so this is from memory only.


R. Shlomo Kluger in his sefer אמרי שפר here explains: The Mishnah in Berachos 9:5 teaches that a person is obligated to bless Hashem when something bad happens in the same way that he blesses Hashem when something good happens, and Rava explains that the Mishnah means that he should accept the bad thing happily. But others should not should not ...

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