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Like yEz's answer, this answer is not sourced; it is simply a suggestion. מוצאי שבת refers to Saturday night. In my experience, there is a certain feeling on Saturday night that is different from the rest of the week. It's not Shabbat anymore, but there is a bit of the feeling of Shabbat left over. You're probably still wearing your Shabbat clothes and you ...


The term is not מוֹצִיא שַׁבָּת‎ (Motzi Shabbat) but rather מוֹצָאֵי שַׁבָּת‎ (Motzaei Shabbat). Both words comes from the shoresh י.צ.א.‏ which has to do with going out. מוֹצִיא is a verb in the הפעיל (causative) binyan. It means "cause to go out" or more concisely, "bring out." I am not entirely sure of the grammatical form of מוֹצָאֵי but it appears ...

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