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A late answer, I know, but a different one (and, I must say that I still don't understand some of the claims made in the other answer so this one is as reasonable, but I can't find a source for it). The Birnbaum siddur Hasiddur Hashalem writes (page 310): ארך ימים is repeated so that the number of verses of this psalm reach a total of seventeen, the ...


To flesh out andrewmh20's comment on the question, the Gemara (Chulin 26b) asks this and answers סדר הבדלות הוא מונה - we're giving the standard list of "divisions" mentioned in the Torah. As Rashi explains there, a division בין יום השביעי לששת ימי המעשה indeed isn't mentioned in those words in the Torah, but it is a suitable lead-in to the end of the ...

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