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Shemot 24:12 states that God wrote the Torah. Practically speaking Torah can be divided in three parts: Bereshit - Shemot 12 (written Hebrew tradition), Shemot 12-Devarim 29:1 (Covenant at Horeb) and Devarim 29:1 - end (Covenant at Moab). We need all parts of the story to provide complete picture. Torah is about life of Moses but Genesis explains who God is, ...


The Meshech Chochma to that verse writes that Hashem went to great lengths to make it clear that the Jewish people were not mindless followers of Moshe and Aharon. Therefore, the Torah identifies that there were a series of detractors who questioned Moshe at every step of the way. The Torah mentions right here, at the beginning of the confrontation with ...


Rabbi Zamir Kohen explains that "Bo" is used to indicated that HaShem is omnipresent. Were HaShem to use the word "Lekh", it would imply that HaShem is not in the location where He commanded Moshe to go.

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