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I have spent time over several days unsuccessfully trying to locate my copy of "Eye of the Needle" (which incidentally I see is recommended in the link you provided) but in the index there is a copy of the Jewish Observer article which you and your source have mentioned. My recollection of the article is that it didn't merely mention this idea in his name ...


I think that the source of this concept - a Semicha with a caveat - is in the Yerushalmi Chagiga Perek 1 Halacha 8 (Daf 7a Vilna edition). First it dsicusses that one can give a limited Semicha, then in the 2nd wide line: מהו למנות זקינים לימים? נישמעינה מן הדא: ר׳ חייה בר בא אתא לגבי רבי לעזר אמר ליה פייס לי לרבי יורן נשייא דיכתוב לי חדא איגרא ...

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