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Quick-Reference List of the Section-Contents of Igros Moshe - אגרות משה All links are to the first page of the section on The end of each volume has, for each of the responsa sections, a list of "references from Shas and Posekim" and a table of contents with responsa numbers, titles, and page numbers. Links to these are included below ...


The original article is available online:


It seems that R' Moshe Feinstein allowed one to provide fire/matches to a smoker, and did not think of this as lifnei iver. Igrot Moshe, Yoreh De'ah part 2, 49 (last sentence): Find more about this subject here.


Following @Yirmeyahu's lead I found my copy of the Eye of the Needle with the full copy of the article you are looking for. I scanned it here. See end of page 3 and page 4. It is not a straight interview of R Moshe Feinstein but an essay based on his call for action to yeshiva students.


Reb Moshe writes in Igros Moshe(YD 3:91) that he emphatically refused to give permission to translate his Teshuvos (either in full or a summery) into English, because It may not be translated properly It may cause people to make mistakes One shouldn't give Teshuvos to ignoramuses as they may make errors in Halachic judgement (comparing cases which are not ...


FIRST QUESTION In the book The Halochos of Brochos, p234 Rabbi Bodner explains that if a person does not know what brocha to make a certain food, he should research the halachic authorities or ask a Rav. If he does not do so, he may not eat the food (unless he bypasses the problem). The problem here is that the person does not know what food he has. But ...

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