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Quick-Reference List of the Section-Contents of Igros Moshe - אגרות משה All links are to the first page of the section on HebrewBooks.org. The end of each volume has, for each of the responsa sections, a list of "references from Shas and Posekim" and a table of contents with responsa numbers, titles, and page numbers. Links to these are included below ...


A written (albeit 2nd hand) source for R. Moshe is in the Sefer Meged Giv'os Olam of his longtime student R. Michel Shurkin. He discusses the view of R. Moshe at length in chelek one starting on page 94, and is in turn quoted by R. Ovadiah in Yabia Omer (vol. 9 YD ch. 10 #18) R. Moshe remarked (as quoted there) that he didn't include this in Igros Moshe ...


The original article is available online: http://docslide.us/documents/ny-times-1975-article-about-r-moshe-feinstein.html


As mentioned by Curiouser, many פוסקים, including R’ Yosef Eliyahu Henkin, felt that the foil of a shaver differentiates it from a razor. Likewise, R’ Pesach Zvi Frank allowed electric shavers. R’ Shlomo Zalman Auerbach (הליכות שלמה דף יא.) felt that people who use them rely on R’ Chaim Ozer Grodzinski, who famously permitted them, too (See תשובות והנהגות ...


I have spent time over several days unsuccessfully trying to locate my copy of "Eye of the Needle" (which incidentally I see is recommended in the link you provided) but in the index there is a copy of the Jewish Observer article which you and your source have mentioned. My recollection of the article is that it didn't merely mention this idea in his name ...


You could suggest all sorts of hairs to split, but the simplest would be to say they're following rabbis other Rav Moshe. E.g. R' Getzel Ellinson challenged Rav Moshe on this heter.


I think that the source of this concept - a Semicha with a caveat - is in the Yerushalmi Chagiga Perek 1 Halacha 8 (Daf 7a Vilna edition). First it dsicusses that one can give a limited Semicha, then in the 2nd wide line: מהו למנות זקינים לימים? נישמעינה מן הדא: ר׳ חייה בר בא אתא לגבי רבי לעזר אמר ליה פייס לי לרבי יורן נשייא דיכתוב לי חדא איגרא ...

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