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The של׳ה found in שער האותיות ק׳ קדושה אות כ׳ח says מפני שפגם הלבנה גרמה האשה הראשונה דהיינו חטא חוה. This is different than the מגן אברהם's wording מפני שהם גרמו פגם הלבנה. The של׳ה can be understood as saying the exact opposite, that the מיעוט הלבנה is connected to causing the original sin. I don't have an out right proof but if you read the section in the ...


Without getting overly involved in a discussion of interpreting aggadeta and esoteric literature (particularly those that might relate to sod bereishis) I would lay down a few points that are potentially relevant to answering your question. Firstly, Medrash was not written to be taken too literally (see, e.g., the Rambam in his hakdama to the Pirush ...

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