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Nissan starts without Tachnun because it is the time when the Mishkan was inaugurated - that is the first 12 days. Then the 13th is the Isru Chag of those 12 days (The Tzemach Tzedek quoting the Maharil), and then there is no Tachnun on the 14th because the Korban Pesach was brought, and then Pesach. So there is no opportunity to say Tachanun until the ...


The Rav of our shul spoke about this when discussing our shul minhag of not saying tachanun until Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan. Note that this is our shul minhag as other shuls in the community start tachanun after Isru Chag (or maybe on Isru Chag, I am not sure). The first part of the month continues tachanun because of the inyan of teshuvah and din. After ...


Reb Meir Stern gives a weekly Rambam shiur. During Elul Zman he learns the Rambam on Teshuvah.

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