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The Gemara in Bava Metzi'a (42a) says that you make a bracha before counting your grain, because (according to R' Dessler in Michtav Me'eliyahu at the beginning of his piece on Neis vs. Teva) Hashem might add grain without you noticing - a Neis Nistar.* The Ritva, in line with R' Dessler's p'shat (or rather, the p'shat that R' Dessler would later say), ...


I was taught that Haman found somewhere in the desert a cave or hole where the treasures of the Beith Hamiqdash and other valuable treasures of the kingdom of Yehudah and (long story short) took them home, sold them, got rich, and became advisor for Ahasuerus. I don't have sources but that's all i've got


The Gemara in Bava Metzia 87a says that 400 shekel kesef "oveir lasocheir" is equivalent to 1,000,000 ordinary shekel kesef.


The Ramban 23:15 brings it as a Machlokes between Onkelos and the Gemara in Baba Metzia 87a whether Avraham overpaid.

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