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I would venture to say that it's date related. The shrouds enactment was enshrined by Rabban Gamliel "עד שבא רבן גמליאל ונהג קלות ראש בעצמו ויצא בכלי פשתן ונהגו העם אחריו לצאת בכלי פשתן". I'm not sure which Rabban Gamliel, but it seems that the first Rabban Gamliel lived close to the destruction of the 2nd Temple. By then it was too late to institute ...


My take -- there's less shame in seeing that this year, so-and-so can afford nice baskets and so-and-so can't, because people's fortunes can change. Maybe next year will be different. But you only get one chance to be buried. For something that final, we make it all equal. Another possible distinction -- bringing a cheap basket means "I can't afford a ...


There are two advantages of a pearl over a house full of wealth: it can be locked in a place (sewn into his hat) that only he has access to (presumably he wouldn't share his hat) while he will have people in his house it is with him 24 hours a day as opposed to his house which he must leave.


There are a few issues that should be pointed out before we can try to understand these laws. There is a difference halachicaly between stealing and damaging vs returning and reparations. Whereas stealing and damaging is not allowed whether done to a Jew or a nonJew, payment and reparation is reserved for members of the Jew club. A similar point is mentioned ...


Bava Kama 113b: תניא ר' פנחס בן יאיר אומר במקום שיש חילול השם אפי' אבידתו אסור אמר שמואל טעותו מותרת Rabbi Pinchas ben Yair taught that where there is חילול השם (desecration of God's name), then it would be prohibited to keep the lost item of a non-Jew. Shmuel says that the mistakes of a non-Jew are allowed (to keep). ( Translation mine ...


Conjecture: The Hebrew word "damim" means both blood and money. Perhaps, because of the use of the same word for distinct definitions, this adage arose. In a sense, it is saying, separate the "blood" or "damim" of your own family which is your own flesh and blood from the other definition of "damim" - money.

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