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Shach al ha-Torah (to Ex. 16:17) states that the figure of one omer per person was actually averaged out per family. In other words, he says, adults might end up with more than an omer apiece (since one omer wouldn't be enough for them), while the children would get less - but in aggregate, there were as many omerim as members of the family. Ibn Ezra (to ...


Although Rashi (Chulin 16) cites this verse as support for the view that non-sacrifical meat was prohibited to Jews at that time, that view is not accepted as halacha: in fact we hold that they could and did eat non-sacrifical meat at that time. Thus, I have no reason to think that will change if we ever have manna again.


The actual language there in Yoma 75 is, "The righteous, it fell by the door of their houses." That would be a good sign it was for them. Either way, I don't know if there was a concept of "his" or "someone else's" until one picked it up. It was there for the taking; you'd walk until you found some to gather; you'd gather until your measure was filled. The ...

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