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It is present in the Shilat ed. of Rambam's responsa (p. 673 IIRC), but R. Shilat demonstrates that this responsum is probably a forgery.


Rambam writes fairly emphatically in a responsum that Torah study depends not upon the Hebrew language, but upon the intent of the words: ואין הפרש שהבין אותו הענין מלשון קודש או מלשון ערבי או מלשון ארמי הכונה היא הבנת ענינים בכל לשון שיהיה There is no difference if he understood the matter in L'shon Hakodesh (Hebrew), or in Arabic, or in Aramaic. ...


The complete line in that meditation before putting on the tallit says, "May it be considered before You that I accomplished this mitzvah with all of its details (p'rateha) and exact instructions (dikdukeiha) and its proper intentions (kav'nateiha) and the 613 mitzvot that depend on it." Two of the words in that list are masculine (p'ratim and dikdukim), ...

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