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It is a prohibition not to stand by as another Jew is in any kind of danger, be it physical or financial. ALL of the Monei Hamitzvos include it. See Behag 93, Saadia Gaon 61, Rambam 297, Semag 165, Ramban 293, Chinuch 237, Semak 79, etc.


Bal Haturim - Devarim 1:3 says that a Torah scholar protects 40,000 people in his location from their enemies.


The Talmud (Ta'anis 21b) indicates that the merits of Rav and Rav Huna were more than sufficient to protect their respective neigborhoods from danger, except that their neighborhoods were in fact protected by the kind deeds of other righteous locals - a man who loaned hoes and shovels for burials and a woman who allowed needy individuals to use her heated ...

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