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Yes, you can wear a Tallis/Tzitzis since the Tallis itself has no holyness, it is just an instrument of a Mitzva (תשמישי מצווה) furthermore, the fear for companionship with a Jew (שמא יתלווה לישראל בדרך) is also not relevant since we are talking about a proselyte who intends to join Kehal Hashem. See further info in details in Mishnat Hager (Ch. 1, 32). ...


The Lubavitcher Rebbe actually also addresses your question and specifically answers it in the same Sicha as quoted in one of the answers. Specifically, Yaakov says "Im Lavan Garti" which we know stands for Taryag. So the Rebbe explains that Rashi specifically changes the words from the Gemara in bringing it down to say "shamarti" instead of "Keeyamti". The ...

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