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There is a dispute of the Rishonim as to whether or not daughter in law is a relationship prohibited to Noahides (Ramban vs. Rashba). The Ramban (to Yevamos 98a) holds that Noahides have no prohibition of relationships with relatives who are not blood relatives. He brings a proof to this from the fact that Yehuda absolved Tamar upon discovering her ...


Meseches Sofrim 20 seems to imply as much. One may not light an old lamp; one who only has an old lamp may whiten it well in fire, and that is permitted. cf this lecture (around the 22 min mark)


Rambam Ch. 9 of Kings & Wars lists all prohibited relatives for Noahides, and "sister-in-law" is not on the list. Therefore, Yibum is not overriding any prohibition for them. Mr. Noahide, you want to marry your brother's ex-wife? That's totally your choice (well, you have to ask her first), whether there were kids or weren't; whether the marriage ended ...


אמר רב יהודה אמר רב אסי (אמר רב) אסור להרצות מעות כנגד נר חנוכה כי אמריתה קמיה דשמואל אמר לי וכי נר קדושה יש בה מתקיף לה רב יוסף וכי דם קדושה יש בו דתניא ושפך וכסה במה ששפך יכסה שלא יכסנו ברגל שלא יהו מצות בזויות עליו (Shabbos 22a) Rav Yehuda said in the name of Rav Assi: One is not allowed to count money to the light of the Channuka lights. When ...

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