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Mishna in Makoth 2:7 וְכֹהֵן גָּדוֹל שֶׁהָרַג , אֵינוֹ יוֹצֵא מִשָּׁם לְעוֹלָם A Cohen Gadol who kills goes to the Ir Miklat forever. They would have to appoint another one, to do the Avoda on Yom Kippour, as the first one looses his previous job, as the Rambam הלכות רוצח ושמירת נפש at (7:14) says about all those sentenced to Ir Miklat, after they can ...


Qitzur Shulhhan Arukh, Yalqut Yosef (Orahh Hayim 96:7) states (my translation): וכן אם התחיל להתפלל בעל פה ובאמצע תפלתו התבלבל ואינו יכול להמשיך, מותר לו לעקור ממקומו ליקח סידור ולהמשיך התפלה מתוך הסידור [...] So, too, if one began praying by heart (i.e. Be'al Peh) and, in the middle of his prayer, became confused and unable to continue, he is ...


In all likelihood he was surgically 'circumcised' before the eighth day, being that the newborns are sent home by day two or three. As such, he is not considered circumcised according to halacha. Even if we would rule with any other leniency such as circumcision at night (probably not in a hospital setting) and circumcision by a nonjew (very likely). The ...


Mishna B'rura 639:48 says to say it as soon as he remembers so long as he's still at his meal and that, if he hasn't yet said his b'racha acharona, he should eat more thereafter; it seems to me to imply that, if he has already said his b'racha acharona, he should sit around awhile after "leshev basuka".


Qitzur Shulhhan Arukh, Yalqut Yosef (Orahh Hayim 624:2) states (my translation): מי שטעה בתפלת ערבית של מוצאי יום הכפורים, ואמר המלך הקדוש או המלך המשפט, לדעת רוב האחרונים, יצא ידי חובת תפלה, והנכון שיחזור ויתפלל בתנאי של נדבה One who erred during the 'Arvit prayer of Motza'ei Yom HaKippurim, and said "HaMelekh HaQadosh" or "HaMelekh HaMishpat", ...


This OU site quotes halacha that says one need not go back and repeat.


The Kaf Hachaim siman 117 siff 3 quotes a slew of achronim (yes, Ashkenazi ones like Elya Rabba) who say not to repeat shmoneh esrei. He brings a minority opinion that one may say Shmoneh esrei again as a nidava, but he suggests against this and says to rely on the majority opinion. The seffer Shmaatsa di'Moshe in the back section called Shmuos Moshe ...


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