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For what it's worth, it seems that those who daven Mincha late on Erev Shabbos don't strike the chest when saying Slach Lanu. This is printed in the Bobover Siddur, Siddur Harav.


On Rosh Hashana, we recite Avinu Malekenu. However, some authorities maintain that one should omit the verse chatanu l'fanecha because it is like a viduy. The majority of the poskim hold that one may recite the verse as it is meant as a supplication, not a confession. However, they caution that one should not strike his chest as usual, lest it seem like a ...


No. Source: see bottom of the page of the image attached. On Shabbos we don't say tachanun http://i.stack.imgur.com/pCDCz.jpg Edit: This is Siddur Tehillat Hashem


According to this article (Q 33) you would need to return it. It makes no difference if it was delivered by mail or hand-delivered: If mail was mistakenly delivered to you, you should give it to the addressee or return it to the sender. This comment does not appear to be sourced within the article and is mentioned with regards to gifts sent in the ...

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