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Assuming the coffee wasn't heated in that mug, then it has the status of Kli Sheni, which the Shulchan Arukh rules (105:2) does not transfer flavor bedieved (though lechatchila it should be avoided). However, see the gloss there of Rabbi Akiva Eiger who posits that since metal utensils can be Kashered, it is not considered a bedieved situation since you can ...


Mishnah Berurah 296 (2) [9] makes it a requirement to drink at least a mouthful of whatever drink he uses for havdalah and if he does not drink this quantity he has not fulfilled the mitzvah.


It's a machloket Rambam/Tosfot on the nature of bracha levatala- is it deoriatta or derabanan? If it's derabanan, it's better to have been over the issur of bracha levatala than to actively be over the issur of milk after meat. If it's deoriatta, one of course shouldn't be over the deoriatta of bracha levatala and should taste the milk, then being over on ...


Rav Eliezer Melamed says that if the meat meal is finished and it is a matter of waiting the prescribed time (6 hours) then one should taste the hershey bar (or ice cream in his example) and rely on the Rishonim that say you don't have to wait rather than make a Beracha for no reason. This does not apply when one is in middle of a meat meal, as there is no ...

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