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For Sefarad, Shulchan Aruch of the Beis Yosef. Ashkenaz use either Rama or Mishna Berurah. The Tur also covers this topic. (Shulchan aruch harav a.k.a Alter Rebbe m'Lubavitch shulchan aruch covers hilchos nida in depth). For Sefardim, the Beis Yosef covers pretty much everything there is to know. As for chassidim (mainly Chabad) the Alter Rebbe covers Chosen ...


Mishna Berura Tiferet Hamizrach is a project that has started a few years ago. So far there is one volume on Chanuka. There is a team of Talmidei Chachomim working on it and they anticipate having the entire Mishna Berura over the coming years. This includes the following Sefardi Poskim. פרי חדש, ברכי יוסף ומחזיק ברכה, מאמר מרדכי, מטה יהודה, שולחן גבוה, רוח ...


The Ohr Olam edition Mishnah Berurah has summaries. Three volumes of hilchos shabbos now available.


I think כף החיים might be the best analogy. example page

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