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Yes. Tosfos Yom Tov (Nazir 5:5) writes that just as earlier commentators were willing to explain the Torah according to a 'peshat' that doesn't conform with the Halakha, we may do the same when it comes to the Mishnah. More on this methodology is discussed by R. Kalman Kahane in Heker VeYiyun I, pg. 150-152 Additionally, there are also sources (Gra-related ...


The bal hatanya most certainly does. On the Mishnah in shabbos that all animals that go out with collars... He explains it to be talking about angels and their song


The earliest personality I've seen referencing Rabi Yehuda HaNasi's compiling of the Mishna is a statement of Rabi Yochanan, his student. See Bava Kamma 94b אמר רבי יוחנן בימי רבי נשנית משנה זו. We find Rabi Yochanan being called Rebi's student in Psachim 3b. There is also a give and take in Bava Metzia 44a between Rabi Yehuda and his son Rabi Shimon ...


Tosafot Yom Tov on Pirkei Avot 3:2:4: ועוסק כו'. שיחיד אינו רגיל להוציא ד''ת מפיו, ולפיכך לא שייך לומר אצלו ועוסק בד''ת כמו שהוא אצל שנים שהם מדברים זה עם זה: My translation / paraphrase: An individual studying alone will not verbalize words of Torah. Therefore, (I'm questioning if there is a misprint, here?) it says "He is involved (your translation says ...


You can read it online for free from Scribd. You need a paid subscription to download it, but they let you preview it online without an account. It appears to be the whole thing, all 874 pages.

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