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The letters בגדכפת take a Dagesh Kal at the start of a word, unless they follow a word ending in אהוי. There are four major exceptions to this rule when the Dagesh Kal is there even after a word ending in אהוי, the first of which (called "Mafsik") is when the previous word had a pausal Trop note on it. So in Gen 18:5 or Jos 5:14 where the phrase means "No, ...


You have several mishnayot in 1 volume. there is Kav venaki in Mir edition here, there is a new "Mishna daf leyom' with a new perush based on Bartenura. In edition Eshkol you have pocket book Mishna Bartenura and Ykar Toyt, The same in Edition Chorev (may be out of print), You have Mishna sedura (if you can read microscopic letters)


I found this for Hebrew and this for English

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