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R' Sherira Gaon in his Iggeres (p.7 and 9 here) writes that each sage had his own version of Mishnayos, and Rebbe gathered them and arranged them and decided which opinion to codify. (It is unclear if he actually re-formulated them or just arranged them.) R' Sherira writes that some Mishnayos were formulated earlier, as early as Hillel, and Rebbi himself ...


Besides YEZ's good sources, see Bava Kamma 94b אמר רבי יוחנן בימי רבי נשנית משנה זו with Tosafos there, and see also the last Mishna in maseches Keilim with Tosafos Rabi Akiva Eiger. Both of these sources say that Rabeinu HaKadosh redacted an older version of the mishna that was already extent. There is also a discussion in Bava Metzia 44a between Rabi ...

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