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According to the Gemara, Berachot 20a, it's because we're not willing to sacrifice ourselves Al Kiddush Hashem quite as readily nowadays. Rab Pappa asked Abbai : How were our predecessors different from us that miracles occurred for them but not for us? Is it a question of learning ? In the time of Rab Judah, their whole study was limited to the Order "...


the period of exile is compared to night before the dawn of the Messianic era. our job in this era is to search for God on our own and there are plenty of hidden miracles in nature (the extreme wisdom is itself a sort of miracle) and also in the guidance of our own lives to see the hand of God.


See Ramban Shemot 13, 16: ובעבור כי הקב''ה לא יעשה אות ומופת בכל דור לעיני כל רשע או כופר, יצוה אותנו שנעשה תמיד זכרון ואות לאשר ראו עינינו, ונעתיק הדבר אל בנינו, ובניהם לבניהם, ובניהם לדור אחרון. ‏ A free translation: there is no need to make miracle at each generation for each miscreant and heretic. It is sufficient to remember the miracles ...

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