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Nessa is certainly listed as a Jewish name here. But I cannot find it used in the Bible neither in my concordance (Even Shoshan) nor in an online concordance. Nes is a more masculine form and does exist in the Bible – Numbers 26 (10) and Isaiah 11 (10). My concordance lists its meaning as a “sign” (with miraculous associations) – see the translations. ...


As Avrohom Yitzchok's answer notes, It is usually a masculine noun in the Bible: "nays", meaning banner or sign. Ernest Klein's Etymologial Dictionary gives both meanings: נֵס[nays] standard, ensign, flag, signal, sign נֵס[nays] miracle, providential event, wonder (prob. sense enlargement of נֵס‏ 1) Your feminine form for miracle נֵסָח"nay-sa" ...

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