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The earlier answer gives Rambam's list of what's required, but I'll address what's customarily recited, as requested. All of it. The entire p'suke d'zimra as printed in the sidur is recited by someone praying even without a minyan in my experience (though sidurim and nuschaos vary).


I can't necessarily say what is customary, but I will say that if you are only going to say a portion, then you should say Barukh She'Amar, skip to Ashrei and say Psalms 145-50 and Yishtabach. This is all that is required, according to the Rambam: Hilkhot Tefila 7:12 יב. ושבחו חכמים למי שקורא זמירות מספר תהלים בכל יום ויום מתהלה לדוד עד סוף ...


The Rambam writes in his introduction to Perek Chelek that anyone who does not believe in his list of 13 fundamentals is not included in "Klal Yisrael." R' Yaakov Weinberg understood this to be true even if the person does not believe through no fault of his own, such as never having learned it. R' Weinberg explained that this is the case because these ...

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