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This may be a bit of a stretch, but consider Shulchan Arukh YD 391:1 אבל אסור בשמחה; לפיכך לא יקח תנוק בחיקו כל שבעה, שמא יבא לידי שחוק.‏ A mourner is prohibited in "happiness"; therefore he should not take a baby in his bosom all seven days lest he come to playfulness. This seems like an "actual halacha". The age of the "תנוק baby" is not ...


Yes, It is a general principle in a milchemes-mitzva, a holy war, that one should wipe out the males, since it is presumed that they will grow up and take vengeance for the genocide of their parents. See the tract Toras Hamelech by Rabbi Ginsburg. As for the non-virginal women, it is not clear why they had to be killed. Perhaps it was unclear whether they ...

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