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Rav Eliyashiv (Ashrei Ha'ish 69:12) held that a katan who makes a siyum and makes a celebratory meal is not considered a seudas mitzvah which would permit one to have meat and wine.


Rabbi B'tzal'el Stern (B'tzel Hachochma volume 4 number 100) was asked whether a minor's siyum exempts an adult from taanis b'choros. He cites the Rambam (Hilchos Korban Pesach 5:7) as saying that someone who became an adult between Pesach and Pesach sheni need not offer the korban pesach sheni. The explanation of this Rambam is that, because the Torah says ...


maybe he was referring to this Sukkah 42a ... A MINOR WHO KNOWS HOW TO SHAKE THE [LULAB]. Our Rabbis taught, A minor who knows how to shake [the lulab] is subject to the obligation of the lulab; [if he knows how] to wrap himself [with the tallith] he is subject to the obligation of zizith; [if he knows how] to look after tefillin, his father must ...


I was running a raffle (in which the participants did not pay to participate) and wanted to know if I could fix it for a certain person or category of people to not win. R' Tzvi Berkowitz told me that I could not. A Dayan from Lakewood told me that when I give out a ticket, I am giving away a zechus towards the possibility of getting the prize, and it is ...

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