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O Ch 284 (4) starts with the words that someone under barmitzvah (age not specified) can say the maftir. The source is a gemoro in Megilo 23a.


The age/status of minor calls forth a general rule but occasionally depends on the situation. The standard is that a boy is a minor before his 13th birthday, and a girl is a minor before her twelfth. The talmud explains some reasoning here (as rashi does on Erchin 13) and there are discussions of outlying examples testing the age vs. the reasoning, but ...


Unfortunately, I once had to ask a shiala because my daughter had been discovered to have lice on the afternoon before Tisha b'Av, and the protocol is to launder all the clothes that might have come into contact and have lice or lice eggs on them. My own rabbi was out of town, so I called Rabbi Barry Fruendel of Kesher Israel Congregation in Washington, ...

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