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We live in a square made up of 8 buildings with 4 entrances. We have doorposts connected by a string at every entrance, as an Eruv. When a neighbour - some 15 years ago - made a bris at home and invited Reb Chaim Kanievsky שליט"א to be Sandek, he noticed this. He paskened that we need a Mezuza at each entrance. As a result we replaced the string with a ...


I shall excerpt some items from this Beurei Hatefila article that addresses the origin of the custom to kiss the tzizit during Kri'at Shema. Oviously, kissing them involves holding them, so the article addresses specifically your question and more: Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 24:2 It is a Mitzvah to hold one’s Tzitzit in one’s left hand and on top of ...

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