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The Siddur is fine, but that PDF supposedly with just Shabbat Mincha, has cut it too soon. Here is the whole siddur PDF http://opensiddur.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Tefiloh-Sefas-Yisroel-Open-Siddur.pdf And you see there Shabbat Mincha has Pirkei Avot and Barachi Nafshi


The Gra, in the 5th aliyah of Parshas Pinchas which discusses the korban tamid, asks your questions as well. The Gaon explains how kishuf doesn't work until after shacharis time. Since Eliyahu should have brought the korban in the morning so he wouldn't have needed to daven for two things ("aneini, aneini" for the fire itself and so the nations wouldn't say ...


Rabbi Maroof attributes this to the Beis Yosef (he doesn't give an exact citation). He lists three reasons why. 1) To help reach 100 blessings for the day. 2) Increased spiritual awareness on a fast day allows one to increase the amount of time in a day that Tefillin is worn. 3) Wearing Tefillin focuses concentration during prayer.

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