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The Teshuvos VeHanhagos mentions a few: Some communities in Israel (now and during the time of the Reishis Chochma) R' Velvel Brisker The Rama MiPano


I think the answer is in your words, and that your assumption that "the smichut is not geulah based in mincha" is not accurate. It is true that the main and important smichut is in the morning prayers, but as the Shulchan Aruch says (92, 2): לא יעמוד להתפלל אלא באימה והכנעה לא מתוך שחוק וקלות ראש ודברים בטלים ולא מתוך כעס אלא מתוך שמחה כגון דברי תנחומין ...

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