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According to the Schottenstein Edition of Berachos, 26b2 note 24, "the earlier portion, called mincha gedola, "greater minchah" [because the greater portion of the day remains -- see Perishah, Orach Chaim 232:5], and the latter portion, known as minchah ketana, "lesser minchah" [because only a small portion of the day remains]." The gemara there (as noted ...


Mincha Gedola is three hours long thus it is the big Mincha. Mincha Ketana is 2 1/2 hours long thus it is the small Mincha. Regarding Plag Hamincha it is the time in between Mincha Ketana and Shekiya, which is half of the time of the Mincha remaining. It does not mean the half time between the two Minchas as there is no Halachic significance to that time. ...

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